Tuesday, January 5, 2010

They Work Fast!

I submitted my final essay for the CES application at about 7:00 Pm yesterday. At 7:03 I received an email that said they had received it and my application would be reviewed and I would receive a response in 3-6 weeks. At 7:04 I received this in an email ,"A decision has been reached on your application for BYU Hawaii.  Please go to the Decision Notification page where you can view the decision and related information." Yes I am that good. I got accepted so quick, they must have been just waiting for me to finish my application. I might just have to go "chill" there for my freshman year. I mean how bad could it be?


Emily V. said...

Congrats Bro! that is Awesome!!! yeah for reasons to go hang out in hawaii with Fam!

I Love you and miss you!

Emily V. said...

ps is that China mans hat?