Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm back,

So I've been busy with the first semester of school not doing much other than running and school. Running was interesting this year. I raced decent I would say and for every race except for regions I was on varsity. At the race before regions I was having leg issues; patteller tendentious and knee "crunching". Neither of which sound good. I ended up placing 9th or so for Dimond so I got bumped off varsity.

But it was all good because when I raced open at regions I placed 4th. It was probably one of the funnest races I have run. Stayed with the first 3 guys for almost all the race but as we hit the 4k mark they started to pull away. After the race and looking at the results I realized I couldn't be too hard on myself for not staying with them: considering if I had it would have been a personal record by 10 seconds or so.

It was a fun way to end my senior season and at the banquet I received my varsity letter and special Steve Prefontaine award for being SUPER TUFF! They gave me this sweet poster.



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