Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sniper Mob continued...

So as I was going thought this contest I was talking with DefEcho (the person who is running it) and he told me several different things he had thought of that he would like. With these ideas I set out to experiment and see if I could get it right.

This was the first thing I tried. It is supposed to look like the sniper mob is being blown out the back of the head. Kind of morbid I know but I thought it looked cool.

Here is the second design I only really changed the text to make it easier to read (though I'm not sure it did).

In the third one I tried to make it look like a row of heads that got shot.

This was my fourth attempt but it was too simple for DefEcho so I had to try again. This is were the pictures from my last post come in. I used that picture and photoshop to create the final product.

Tell me what you think and wish me luck.



Emily V. said...

Hey David! So I think I like the Guys in the bottom one- They are cool and scary at the same time also I like the lettering. But you are so Creative! I also like the red lettering on the second scull one!

Hope you are doing great! let us know if you go winning any contests okay! Love you!

David Owen a.k.a. Frigid said...

hey thanks! ya I think it turned out pretty good. I just barely saw your comment. Ill be sure to tell you if any thing happens.