Tuesday, March 10, 2009

so what have I been up to?

Well I can honestly say ALOT! The weeks before spring break were crazy. I had too many projects to count. There was the 5 page paper. The 4 different short essays and so on.

Not to mention of course the Basket Ball regional tournament. In the first round I sat the bench in a shirt and tie with my thumb in the peunny little brace they gave me. We won by a decent amount and even the freshman who swung up from JV got to play.
I dressed out for the next game and in which we played Bartlet. We had a tough game and ended up wining by just a bit.

We made it to the championship round ,against West, but that game was an all out fight. The lead when back and forth for the first three quarters. We came out strong in the fourth and at one point had a thirteen point lead. But the tides changed. West came back and tied it with only seconds to go.

Dylan one of our sophomore players had a last second shot that dinged of the rim sending us into over time. We fought and scored but they would always score also. At this point two of our starters had fouled out and so were two of theirs. In the last seconds again it was tied.

We went into double over time and another one of our starters fouled out. It was a long four minutes of nail biting. Nearing the end we were tied. They had the ball and were bringing it up the court. Our team was playing tight defense and the West player drew a foul and sunk both his free throws with eight seconds on the clock. Coach drew up a hell-mary atempt to get a bucket. We broke the hudle and sat as the team struggled to inbound the ball. It was all in vain and ended up just passing the ball to the other team.

That was a sad night, but I'll tell you what, our whole team is going to be ready to kick butt at state!


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